The MVM Community of Practice (CoP) is a series of online meetings designed to provide a network of support for wherever you are on your MVM journey. These collaborative meetings will aid co-operatives and mutuals to practically introduce and expand the use of the MVM Framework within their organisation.

The MVM CoP is designed for MVM users to share ideas and measures to help each other use the MVM Framework© more effectively to promote reciprocity and best practice. Each meeting will feature a special presentation from a co-operative or mutual highlighting their experience with MVM.

Simple Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of the MVM Community of Practice (CoP) is to develop a community of practitioners to share knowledge, learnings and experiences in using and adopting the MVM Framework©
  2. MVM CoP members will consist of practitioners who have been part of the MVM research study, and/or have attended a MVM webinar or masterclass and/or have commenced adoption of the MVM Framework©
  3. Member CMEs should ensure regular representation at the CoP meetings
  4. BCCM will provide a secretariat function for the MVM CoP
  5. BCCM shall invite practitioners to join the MVM CoP
  6. BCCM members may request to join the MVM CoP
  7. The MVM research team will take part in the CoP as ‘research advisors’ and presenters
  8. Discussions and sharing of information will be done under the ‘Chatham House’ rule.
  9. Three CoP meetings held annually with an agenda circulated prior to the meeting
  10. MVM CoP members are encouraged to put forward agenda items to be discussed