MVM Accreditation

Achieve MVM Accreditation for your co-operative or mutual

MVM Accreditation™ signifies to members and the community that a co-operative or mutual has successfully applied the MVM framework in accordance with its intended design.

CMEs applying for MVM Accreditation™ are evaluated by an independent panel of experts.

Successful applicants will have demonstrated a proficient understanding of the MVM Framework©, implemented appropriate metrics against the MVM Framework's© dimensions and shown that engaged measurement has been practiced.

For CMEs, MVM Accreditation™ is a mark of quality, and an acknowledgment of their profound commitment to the ongoing promotion and creation of mutual value for their members and their community.

To find out more about this great program, and its benefits, contact the BCCM.

MVM Accredited organisations

Six leading co-operatives and mutuals have achieved MVM Accreditation™ in Australia

CivicRisk Mutual Logo
Futurity Investment Group Logo
GC Mutual Bank
Geraldton Fishermens Co-operative Logo
StateCover Mutual Limited Logo

"The MVM Framework© and the solid research that has gone in to it is great for the sector. It has created a common language for us to communicate, and the simple model it gives us really resonates – it is hugely powerful."

Matt Rutter

CEO | Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative 
(November 2021)

"MVM is a simple yet powerful tool which has helped our staff, management, board and members to clearly identify and articulate the unique ways we as a co-operative generate value.  Importantly, it helps ensure we take a holistic view of our mutual value and now elegantly frames our strategic plan which will maximise that value."

Matt Rutter

CEO | Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative 
(May 2021)