Measure your total value creation

The Mutual Value Measurement Framework© helps CMEs to measure their total value creation (mutual value) through a set of common dimensions and shared language about measuring and reporting mutual value.

The MVM Framework© can be used by CMEs across different industries, of different sizes, and with different capabilities. The Framework has been field-tested through research by Monash University’s Business School and is available with an implementation guide and templates that will allow interested CMEs to assess and plan the full adoption of the MVM Framework©.

Next steps

Find out what steps you need to take to start using the MVM Framework©, MVM Dashboard© and become an Accredited MVM user.

Apply for an MVM Licence

The MVM licence is available for BCCM members and non-members. Please review our terms and conditions and application online to use the MVM with your CME.


BCCM can help your firm to apply this methodology in order to help you use your mutuality to thrive as a business.

MVM Community of Practice

The MVM Community of Practice (CoP) is a series of online meetings designed to provide a network of support for wherever you are on your MVM journey.

MVM Accreditation™

MVM Accreditation™ program for MVM. CMEs that adopt MVM can apply to BCCM to become an Accredited MVM user.

MVM Dashboard©

The MVM Dashboard© is a powerful new data visualisation tool for the Mutual Value Measurement Framework© built within Microsoft Power BI, the leading visualisation app globally.

"The MVM has assisted the StateCover team focus on what matters most – creating value for our members. Through embedding the MVM Framework© across the organisation, we have clarity as to what activities create value for our members and those that don’t, ensuring that our efforts and resources are always targeted to value creation."

Linda Bostock

CEO/MD | StateCover Mutual Limited
(May 2021)